DRAFT: Last updated 2/6/2020 (Click to Register for the Summit)

08:00-08:40am REGISTRATION

08:40-09:00amIntroduction To Conference




09:30-10:20amBlockchain: The role of distributed ledger and blockchain technology in the financial ecosystem


10:20-11:10amInnovators and Incubators: The state of fintech innovation


11:10-11:25am COFFEE BREAK


11:25-12:15pmInvestors: Strategies in fintech and blockchain technologies


12:15-01:05pmPayment and Banking Innovations: Legacy and decentralized payment and banking innovations driving access to finance


01:05-02:00pm LUNCH


02:00-02:50pmIdentity, AI and Privacy: The role of identity in securing access and ensuring privacy in financial ecosystems


02:50-03:45pmLegal and Regulatory: Legal and regulatory developments in finance and blockchain technologies


03:45-04:05pm COFFEE BREAK


04:05-04:55pmFinancial Inclusion: The role of digital financial services and blockchain technologies in enhancing financial inclusion globally


04:55-05:50pmCybersecurity: Cybersecurity and cyber-resilience initiatives and strategies in securing financial & telecom systems


05:50-06:00pm              Conference Conclusion and Closing